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Store Balance

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Cian Kemp
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What do you mean it would be nice? Higher quality products already are more valuable. If your quality is above the average, you can sell your product for a price above the average and still get the same number of sales as you would with a product of lower quality at a lower price.
Nwabudike Morgan
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I have 30,000 m^2 of storefront in my companies. If I sell something, I usually steal 90% of the market share, which means the average quality is almost always within a few points of whatever quality I happen to be selling. The adjustments for quantity sold based on quality are only based on the average quality, so if you dominate a market, quality does you very little good. It marginally increases the maximum demand, but that's it.

e: to clarify with the actual mechanics, demand for a product is proportional to (1 + Q/50) but the price scaling is proportional to (1 + dQ/50)^2. If I am selling a small amount of product way above the normal quality, I get a big benefit: if Q_Avg is 20 and my Q is 60, then that's 3.24x the sales. If Q_Avg is 60 and my Q is 60, because I totally dominate the market, then that raises demand to 1.58x, which will cause a much smaller improvement in sales.
Josh Millard
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If you're essentially monopolizing a market, it actually makes sense that you wouldn't get much inherent return on quality: you've got a captive market in the first place. Short of setting your prices so high that you turn off customers and surrender market share to other minority suppliers, you're essentially dictating the price of goods in that sector.
Reiter Hexenmeister
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Alexia, I use Store formula:

store_cents = K * Total_Building_size * (1 + 0.02 * Q_avg) * POWER( MAX(1, 3*Product_Base_Value - Product_Avg_Price/10), 0.2);

Production = (days /demand_met) * ((store_cents / price(cost, Q, Q_avg)) + 24_sales) / 2

to mantain enough selleable goods, and input resources neded. Usually i put 2-5 for days, and K varies on game updates. Usually use 24_sales because tick_sales varies to much along day for acurate estimation.

Oviously you can use simpler formula: days * parameters tick_sales * 100, or more complex that includes marketing_power in your projections. But I found that above are enough acurate.
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