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Private Supplier (Contracts) (Reiterated IDEA)

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you know, the way we do supplying today is somewhat generalized. Meaning, (as of what i am experiencing) I have a friend that plays this game and would want him to be a long term customer/supplier, the thing is that, we agreed that we will give each other some discounts but the market is functioning that one sells his goods to the world, not only to one supplier, you may say that the one demanding the product may post a request notice about the specific product at a specific price, the thing also is that ANYONE may supply this, defeating the purpose of your agreement with your long term supplier.

with contracts, you may as well make papers that worth for example, 1M Q80 steels for 120 each, then if the receiver approves the contract the transaction takes place and be finalized. (automatically add/deducted tax and recorded)
with this, nobody would be having the problem (which my other friend experienced)that she intended to sell the product to one of him companies but other companies bought it.. well we may all say that we can use the request option to further secure the transaction BUT, would you repeatedly post 20 different products on the request button one by one and then go to your other company one by one to supply it? That is all.

P.S. This is just a further justification to my previous post which is (CONTRACTS)

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