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Longer auto complete for repricing stock

Marc Laird

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I don't know if it's just internet explorer doing this to me, but when i reprice anything if i'm too slow typing the price It'll accept the partial price automatically. I just sold a bunch of cars at $6 because i paused a second deciding if i wanted to sell at $60000 or $65000. while thinking it accepted the $6 just as the game ticked :/
Scott (Admin)
RJ: Ratan Joyce
CO: Ratan Joyce

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I can't make it any longer than it is because I personally think it's already 300% as long as I'd like it to be.

The only possibility to make that work is to give you a custom option to set your own update time - it'll be included as part of the store UI overhaul.
zxektok megatron
RJ: zxektok

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i've done that before lol
Weicong Sng
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Can I have some $6 cars too?
Alexia Perdhaer
RJ: Alexia Perdhaer

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it especially sucks on iPhone :(

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