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Garry Hurst
RJ: jackosbournelookalike
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If your revisiting this game, just found it or wishing it was finished then I have a treat for you. Work has been started to re-make this game with the blessing of Scott We have all the original images and code in our repository and we will be re-writing everything balancing and testing. if your interested, come on by and join our forum and drop us a hello message and help us to design the game you want!

Website: http://www.economies-of-scale.com/test/
Forum: http://www.economies-of-scale.com/forum/index.php
Jordan Tessman
RJ: Dirk Diggler
CO: Yi Huiman

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Been here 4 years. It's hard to start over. I'm trying to buy products at reasonably high prices to get more people back into the game and on the path to being quintillionair4s
Joao Costa
CO: Joper

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I am also trying to buy products from the market, every time i see it...specially when i see it is a new player.
I also try to put as much as i can, different products on the market.

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