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Questing/company help

Mark Moeder
RJ: Uduak Mwenye
CO: Fluffy

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So. In an effort to help the players enjoy this game I'm offering to help people with smaller NW to start up their companies and/or do their quests. I have a respectable presence on both CO (Fluffy 1877) and EOS (Uduak Mwenye 1724) and am willing to help people by producing some things for them at low prices (as far as I am able). If you need any help with products, just post here or message me.

If anyone wants to pitch in on this, please do :-)
Paco Co
RJ: Mr. Costa
CO: Mr. Costa

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Sure thing always good to exchange help for quests, i have quite a few goods on production mainly in the food/fruit industry if anyone needs.

Word of advice for the new guys, if you cant make the goods you need for a quest dont be afraid to send a message to someone that makes them and ask for help to complete the quest.

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