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Opportunities to grow (IDEA)

Jayson Drake Tan
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opportunities in the market is getting really thin.. (i am assuming that they really don't understand or study much the market for the fact that they are new players who don't care and just click build and produce/sell)

this maybe the reason why new players are easily giving up, in my opinion, for the number of players in the community to grow there should be a stable starting opportunity to them. I can suggest many things like a new sector (service sector, my friend Sheereen suggested), but it would be a long run solution for the fact that it requires a lot of time to develop. We can also establish a "power control" whereas the big/establish company in terms of title (small cap, medium cap, garage, whatever) will experience a leveler, this is like the small companies have a relatively higher advantage in terms of costs, retail power and the likes, and it will slightly decay over the advancements of levels.

so many things to suggest, mind if anyone has any better idea?

P.S. this is just a suggestion/idea, i am not bossing around or whatever you call it but i am really sincere in the development of the community. Thanks
Bob Malone
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There are things that can be developped like private banking system ( you sell credit line to other players ), or even good transportation from factory to retail handled by private companies ( why not using trucks / plane build/sold by other players ? ). Not every player want to produce/sell goods or some of them would like to do different things.

Anything forcing players interaction would bring a lot to the game...
About the number of users, this game just need advertisement.
Paul Jikanski
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Services sector could also introduce a vast amount of products into the retail sector, and more research as well. Some items could include: Fridges, Stoves, Knives, Dishes; Mats, weights, energy drinks, health shakes, Athletic clothing line; Laundromat items; Hospital beds, medical items such as syringes, bandages, medical tape, stitches, medication, various electronic medical equipment, etc.

Research levels of those items could affect your small, low cost company's "Service Rating" which in turn affects the amount of customers and service's value. The more customers you pull in through marketing would require you to purchase more equipment.

Another idea to go with banking: Larger players could then issue "loans" to the new players entering the smaller Services sector in the form of investments, with a pre-decided percentage of the company's final net worth being returned to the investor when the new player sells that small services company to move into the more lucrative retail/manufacturing sector.

I like the idea of these "features" being available to the new players, with not much incentive for large players to try to dominate these markets. Perhaps you could be rewarded with Player Fame for investing in new player's companies. There could be something similar to a mix between the Job market and the Requests market we have now, with new players making requests for investments with adjustable cash amounts and ROI percentages. The services sector could be much easier to manage/micromanage than what we currently have now but would be less lucrative, with margins on a smaller scale, and a limit to how large you could expand these companies.

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