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[Idea] Production time

arnar ingolfsson
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Sorry my English could not name the title
and i do not know if this should be idea or if admin is doing this all ready

but in test server we have it like this

Beverage Factory (-)
1757915 (Q27)02:00:08
2218264 (Q12)14:36:31
... 7 more items ...
1100000 (Q27)38:37:51
and in the main server it is like this
Mine (-)
1122 (Q36)06:28:57
24298 (Q39)19:58:57
859582 (Q39)33:28:58
... and 3 more

in test server i know when my last production will end (after 38:37:51) but in the main server i do not know when the last production will end
i need to go to the mine to see when my last production will end

and i like have it is in the test server

hope this is understandable if not just tel my what it is so you do not understand and i will try to explain better
Scott (Admin)
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No problem, it's just a version difference.

That feature was suggested by Nathan a few days ago here:

From time to time newly tested features gets pushed from the test server to the main server, and then you'd see the new features there.

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