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How many ticks till stock is depleted in store

Timothy Martin
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I would like to see the amount of a product sold in the splash screen of the store.
I would also love to just have a "Product items/products sold" shown on the splash screen. So I can roughly see what I should buy more of.

And yes I know the amount sold of a product is always in flux but it would still be handy for me.
Alexia Perdhaer
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that it the first tool I built for myself. Mine ranks products and then figures out the shift length that would result in each product being produced in time. So you can scan the list and see how long your shifts need to be. if there is one product further on but with the shortest cumulative shift length you can run a very small shift of it first in order to lengthen the shift length for everything else. This tool was important when I was keeping all crops, beverages, and baked goods in full supply. I haven't adapted it for shelves yet, waiting for the ui to became more stable first.
Moe Jack
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I requested something similar, I called it a burn rate, and would still like to see it.

It would be awesome to see this information in the factory screen as well, somehow. I find myself often opening two tabs or taking notes in one tab to set my production.

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