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How Many Active?

Stuart Rene LaJoie
RJ: FakeMan
CO: Dell Conagher

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Just wondering about how many people are active on average.

Daily? -

Weekly? -

Seems to be steady around 100-110, but someone said only about 15-20 people are "really active", whatever that means. Meaning they play daily?

Henry King
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CO: BusinessTycoon

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One player can have more than one company, so number of companies is higher than number of players. Not sure how many players are "really active", but it is at least 15-20, and might be a lot more if you include many smaller players who may not be online every day, but who are probably here at least once a week.
Huginn penis
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I think there are still active players (could be near 100), there just not communicating. I too only check the forums once in a while just to find out nothing really happened. Besides some b2b purchases there is not much communication. I consider myself lucky getting a top spot on the rankings and thus being able to meet the daily-playing active people. This allows me to go more in-dept, discuss things and most importantly; having fun with them.

It's really easy to get caught into this tunnel-vision single player-like gaming. So that even if they were on every day, we wouldn't really notice. Or do you consider people playing everyday but not participation inactive players. If so, then 20 is i.m.o. the right number.
Nina Altsori
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CO: Nina Altsori

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Hope there be more active players as in also actively communicating besides buying and selling, I were lucky enough to be found by other kind active players my first week here.

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