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Game hacked by Everest the legend

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Congratulations to the player "Everest the legend".

Currently selling on the b2b:
Aluminum Quality 1000.26 (clearly a hack)
VR Console Quality 200 (VR console do not exist in the game - clearly another hack)

If it is technically possible for a player to hack server based code and there is nobody around to stop it, this game has just gone from unsupported to unplayable.
Bob Malone
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emailed Scott about it, not sure if it will be read though.
steve age
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I put one of the "new products" on research queue.. then read this and tried removing it from queue. I don't think it will be removed from queue.. it shows me broken image..
Hope the R&D don't go stuck forever.

The order of research is also wrong.. its 8-3-4-5-6-1-7-2.

Kindly do not research the new products.
Algen Galvin
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The research queue acts broken if the research takes 0 second to complete. (It uses completion time to sort researches and determine which one you want to cancel, you see.) This can affect any product if you have a large enough R&D and/or someone else has already researched the product to a high level. It doesn't make much material difference unless you specifically didn't want to research that product, for the sake of controlling which quests you get.

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