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Frozen pizza`s

Dani Jonker
RJ: Darkdani51
CO: darkdani51

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Joined: Jan 14, 2012
I need some frozen pizza`s no matter what quality. atleast 1500 Frozen pizza`s daily.
zxektok megatron
RJ: zxektok

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actually this is one i need someone to make also

so anyone here (including Dark Dani) upto running another company - if i provide the buildings and R&D buildings and the mats to make daily

Who would be up to running the Pizza company?
Gheed Baiwa ben sandara
RJ: Bob
CO: Bob

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i can provide you with those pizza's dani, how much are you willing to pay/each?
Mister Death
RJ: McFlono McFloninoo

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I have 12,000 on the market right now. I know they're expensive, but they're made in food processing, and I'm moving other food processing items at 14x base. So, not worth my while to lower the price, sorry.

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