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Food Supply Sales

Philip Trick
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Are you in the business of producing food or do you want to be in the business of producing food?

There are many opportunities to make good money in the fresh and frozen food industries but the wide variety of intermediate goods can take time to begin producing at reasonable qualities.

Enter the Tricky Simpathia Food Supply Alliance (TSFSA). We have built a large and well-researched supply chain extending from the production of raw fruits and vegetables to livestock products such as dairy, ground meats, and other cuts of meat all the way through to fresh food like pizza, hamburgers, and sandwiches.

If you're looking to produce your own food but are light on quality inputs, contact me by mail (normal server) and we can work out a supply agreement. We strive for high quality goods and produce fruits and veggies at Q100+, livestock at Q90+, and all of our offered intermediate goods are Q80+.

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