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Feedback/Suggestion with Retail

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It is time consuming. The interface does not lend to it well, having to jump between 3 tabs. The store, B2B and Imports to compare pricing and determine if it can be sold.

Store part is most annoying cause the page has to reload at the top every-time I check the product and go back to the listing.

If I may suggest a number of things that could alleviate the problem:
1. A non-picture mode, with data listed next to the product, similar to the B2B.
Each line will go by product and quality of the product... it will list out: stock, cost of goods, retail price(can be set here too?), avg market price, #sold in last 15 minutes, #sold in last 3 days. (Can click on em for more detail of course.)

2. Smaller/specialized stores with lower upkeep and/or higher sales rate of a limited number of goods.

EDIT: Taking Capitalism 2 as an example, being able to set up custom shops and selling a small number of products. Specialty store.

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