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Different markets, for different size companies?

eric scott
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Was thinking...

Since I was a small fledgling company, I am encountering the same situation someone might when faced with say... Apple.

They have the market flooded with high quality items, and here I come with my squeeky toy trying to make a profit. In terms of the game, it means you are no longer trying to push your Q0 Lumber against mega-corp selling 999,999 units of Q50 Lumber, for the same price.

Imagine then, that you start off your company ... and are limited by the region you are able to do business in (read: City/Township wide)

As you grow, you are able to go National, and then eventually move up to worldwide export of product.

Might help to balance out the mega-corporations, and make sure the little guy has a place in the game

Scott (Admin)
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Creating multiple regions won't help if you just look at the definition of a MNC.

But your issue would be helped by after releasing the "world average quality patch" - I'll move it up the priority list.

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