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Clean it up with Wighpitall!

David McDonough
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Only Wighpitall brand paper products will clean up right, every time!

Wighpital brand toilet tissue is the softest without shredding. Featuring high-profile texture that a tire company would be proud of, any consistency of mess is taken care of efficiently. But with such a soft surface with skin soothing cream embedded, you might not want to stop!

Wighpitall paper towels leaves competition in the dust. Tough enough to use as a shower towel, twice as absorbent, and absolutely will NOT shred. An inner layer of pre-ionized fibers make this towel seem as if it had a built-in vacuum cleaner. Perfect for those pesky dusty windows, car parts, anything! Amazing!

Wighpitall brand napkins feature the same award winning technology that has made our paper towels the best in the industry on one side, and on the other side a special alternating pattern of microscopic oil-sucking scrubbing fibers which were originally developed to clean up oil spills. It's so amazing that even after your favorite greasy foods you won't need to excuse yourself to wash your hands. And with efficiently sized pre-cut pieces, you won't break the bank to provide your guests the best in hand cleaning technology. Best of all there's no soap or chemicals. Amazing!

Print like pro with Wighpitall brand office paper! Specifically tailored for electronic laser and inkjet printers, this paper is engineered at the microscopic level to literally grab and hold the ink at the very surface to prominently display it's color to the max with absolutely no running. Other papers will absorb ink, causing a duller color or even bleed through. Why settle for that when our superior paper is competitively priced? And only Wighpitall brand paper has NEVRJAM technology, pre-ionized fibers provide the world's most consistent and lowest surface friction for stacked paper. It's as if the top sheet levitates! Amazing!

Consider Wighpitall as your supplier for paper cartons. Featuring a self-sealing top that snaps closed so quickly that an actual vacuum is formed, no expensive equipment is necessary to have your juice operation running with the big boys. Simply upload your carton design to the website and they will be pre-printed and at your door in a matter of hours. From hundreds to millions, no customer is too small!

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