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Cafe stores sales bug?

Bargain Basement
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I have recently opened multiple cafes for the first time and the problem is that the stores sales are not counting towards Quests that have a "earn so much $ in store sales within 24 hours/week" etc.

I have tried logging in/out, have cleared all cache/cookies etc, but still no joy. I am not having this issue in any other stores except for the Cafe's. The store sales report is working and capturing the sales figures correctly, it is just not being applied against the quests.

Any suggestions, or is this a known bug with Cafe's?
Paul Jikanski
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The only quests I see like that for me, are ones that say "Objective: Reach at least 4% market share by store sales revenue for __________ from the previous 8 hours period."

If you do not reach at least 4% market share, you will not be able to complete the quest no matter how much you are actually selling.
Bruce Heitz
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One other note: the quest won't show the remaining balance you need to finish it. It will only register it as completed when the total reaches the quest requirement.
Michael Carlos
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I tried experimenting on this on several occasion and the most effective or I should say the only way I could reach the % goal objective is to just sell that specific Item on a 24 hour period on all the stores at that company usually the quest get's completed in less than 24 hours.

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