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[Auction] [RJ] Own a piece of Econosian history!

Esteban Arytom
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EXCELSIOR TRADING CO. in its pursuit of greatness and market shenanigans has come into possession of the best apple in all of Econosia*.


It currently sits proudly at the top of a stack of wares which will be shamelessly speculated upon. For how much was it purchased? Won't tell you, dude. Trade secrets of the company. Only guy who'd do so is probably the person who was silly enough to get rid of it, but they had their share already.

As I recall its origins, it is one of the q999 goods that far, far back made their way into the system and got tainted by some non-godly products, leading to its current state. It's a piece of the game's history, and I ask of you, just how much are you willing to pay for it?

I'm going to put the starting bid at two thousand. Please underline your bids, the auction will end at a yet undetermined time and the winner will be contacted privately.

*we didn't actually conduct corporate espionage to get this information (we promise)

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