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400k rubber duckies

Brian Spragins
RJ: Mr. Flibble
CO: Humongous

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Can anyone supply this amount in 48 hours? I am willing to negotiate on price.
Mister Death
RJ: McFlono McFloninoo

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Whenever I get a supply quest I append "for a Satanic ritual". My next ritual apparently involves caffeine, mustard, pork and aluminum. (I'll have to leave out the tennis rackets, and I think the gowns were just supposed to be for show.)

Sorry, can't help you with the duckies. Hope He doesn't get too mad at your failure.
address unknown
RJ: DropsySufferer

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You realize you can import them? If you want to buy from me 40 per unit.
David Donlon
RJ: Fenious Buttersmith

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You can make rubber duckies in this game? And I'm making paper products? I HAVE WASTED MY LIFE!!

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