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3 new bugs

dan bra
RJ: King

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1. server-time automatic appraisal does not take into account the land value while manual appraisal does.

2. when in building expansion hurrying frame, sliding the bar to the most right give the correct estimation of cost, while clicking "max" ignore the influence limitation. (possibly a feature?)

3. cosmetic: when queuing research that has low completion time, the queue order get messed up. screenshot: http://gyazo.com/f8ca1c8ac27b4f0814c09fe4ec35f3e5
Jayson Drake Tan
RJ: Ben
CO: Ben

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2) is normal i think?
M Burch
RJ: Farmerbob
CO: Farmerbob

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I have noticed #2 as well. If you click max, you get a different result from simply dragging the slider to max, so no, I don't think it's intended to work that way?
Scott (Admin)
RJ: Ratan Joyce
CO: Ratan Joyce

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Thanks for the reports! 3 IS messed up.

All 3 should be fixed on the test server by now.

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