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Edwin Quintanilla

Manager of Lunick Bling
Manager of Lunick Pen&Paper
Owner of EQ Hardware
Owner of EQ Automotive
Owner of EQ Gas & Industrial
Manager of Lunick Butchers
Owner of EQ Watercraft
Manager of Lunick Industrial
Manager of Lunick Fruits
Owner of EQ Meats
Owner of EQ
Owner of Test Company
Chairman of Lunick & EQ
Owner of EQ Fashion
Owner of EQ Sports
Owner of EQ Agriculture
Manager of Lunick Sorbet
Manager of Lunick Produce
(Player Last Active: July 31, 2021, 8:27 AM)

Level: Deity (Level 14)
Fame: Obscure (Level 18)
Networth: $17,502,801,466,650.43 ($17.5 T)
Cash: $12,108,418,469,377.69 ($12.1 T)
Age: 51



Stock Portfolio

EQE304 M$3.04 T



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