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Show the costs of a building & add time costs into product costs

Cian Kemp
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It would be nice if there was somewhere where we could see exactly how much maintenance and salary a certain building is costing us daily. Possibly show what the cost will be at the new size in the menu where you expand buildings too, so you can see at a glance how much more salary an upgrade is going to cost you.

It would also be nice if it calculated the maintenance and salary costs into the product costs - just take that cost multiplied by the number of seconds in your production run and divided by the seconds in a day and divide the time cost of that production run across the number of units being produced. If there is room for it on the production page you could have:

Direct unit cost: $X.XX
Indirect unit cost: $X.XX
Total unit cost: $X.XX

That way folks who don't want to wade through a spreadsheet can see exactly how their materials and their building maintenance/salary are impacting their cost, and they'll see exactly how much they are really paying for the products they produce. Having the time cost factored into the displayed unit cost in the warehouse and stores would be a good idea too - it would likely help prevent the currently widespread newbie mistake of pricing things cheaper than it costs you to make them and slowly going into bankruptcy.

Right now if a newbie sells stuff in his store for the "MSRP" it gives you they will go bankrupt on the maintenance and salaries - and it's happening a lot. Take glass, for instance - my per unit cost is only 84 cents for materials and money. My maintenance cost adds another 1.06 - more than double - and that's not even including the salary costs. If a new player made glass and sold it at 1.68 like the store suggests they'd quickly go bankrupt even before factoring in the costs of the store itself.
Dan Laurence
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So, what, that makes the cost of the plastic an actual $2.50 instead of $1.50? Hardly a losing money scenario, it sells on the B2B for $25-$60 and currently imports for $67. As long as the factory is making something and is not idle I don't think they can lose money.

I do agree with you on displaying the daily and individual sal/maint costs somewhere.

edit: Yeah I missed your p-t-export condition, haven't thought of exporting in about 3 months :|. Export prices should probably be raised a hair, factories shouldn't be cheaper.
Nwabudike Morgan
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I have been clamoring for this for months. It's such an easy change, and it would make warehouse page costs reliable.

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