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My Giant list of wants

James Woods
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I am assuming a bunch have been covered, but I like lists.

A search/sorting function for stocks... Ie Looking for a stock between $3.50 and $5 or companies with a 13+ ratio or best market cap companies.
2) Moar things to produce... I am greedy
3) an ability to look at an item on the b2b and see what my stores say about it, IE average sale price.
4) A Better interface... Having to click on each individual item to make changes is vicious. A spreadsheet would be terrifying for beginners but great for veterans.
5) random events to make life interesting
6) the ability to cancel an upgrade. Nothing more fun than taking over a company to find all the stores are now on 140 hour upgrades.
7) Company contracts: Make a deal with another company to sell o say: 100k apples a day at 3.50 apiece to them.

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