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discrepancy between expected and actual quality?

John Galt
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I'm not sure if this is a bug, or I just don't understand the underlying mechanic, but it seems like there is a problem when determining the quality of a finished good.

I have Q20 Petroleum, and my skill at creating plastic is Q20. Yet, when I go to make plastic, the resulting product is Q18. The pedia claims that the final quality is 30% Petroleum, 70% Research. That would be 6 and 14, respectively (totaling 20). But the tooltip claimed some other numbers (fractional numbers, in fact; something like 13.4 as being 70% of 20, if I recall correctly. I can't say for sure because now I have a run going so I can't look at it).

Is this wrong or am I missing something?
Scott (Admin)
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You're missing something, somewhere. Most likely you're not using those Q20 Petrol although they're sitting in your warehouse.

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