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Ability to rearange buildings on the grids

Steve Tester
RJ: Khalendros
CO: Khalendros

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This is far from required functionality, but it is something that would be nice to have.

Basically, it would be nice to be able to rearange the layout of your factories, stores and R&D facilities without having to demolish and rebuild the buildings. Since this is purely a cosmetic change, I don't know that a cost associated with the move would be required, but I'd be willing to pay a bit of cash and/or influence to satisfy my OCD.

I know that this is less of a concern with newer companies, but if you want to have buildings organized by type, or production line, it means a lot of forethought and extra expense to make it happen.

Having a company that grew organically to meet company needs and market demands, everything is scattered all over the place. All I'm saying is that it would be nice to be able to make everything neat and tidy without losing hundreds of Megabucks and weeks of time to do it.
Eli C
RJ: LD Feral
CO: LD Feral

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'Specially if we could move the unpurchased parcels around too!
Bob Malone
RJ: Bob Malone
CO: Malone

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'specially if goods transports is handle later in the game development, and so distance between factory and warehouse, between factory and stores, between warehouse and B2B Market is considered by the game. So you have to place your building the more efficiency / less costly.

And ( let's dream ), what about transport company managed by players ? :) You buy some trucks, cargo planes from other players and you loan your services...

( No I don't want to wake up ! )
Gamma Alpha
RJ: Gammatron
CO: Gammatron

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And animated sims walking to their trucks in the parking lot.

Just kidding.
Paco Co
RJ: Mr. Costa
CO: Mr. Costa

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Its a nice feature, especially while we have companies growing and later on we want to organize th buildings for easier micro management.

It woul be a cool and helpful feature.

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